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XenForo - Compelling Community Platform

There is no better platform upon which to grow your community.

Engage your customers with the premium community experience. Take advantage of our unrivaled reliability, flexible deployment and data security. Provide a forum where your customers can interact with you. You are the master of your own data.

Engage your audience


Provide a forum where your customers can interact with you.


They will tell you what they like, and how you could do better.

Crowd-source support


Lighten the load on your support team.


Customers can answer each others' questions and share their experience.

Provide a safe space


You are the master of your own data.


Your customers will be reassured that their information is not being sold off to big tech.

Recover content


User-generated content is priceless.


Allow it to be easily found again, any time. Yesterday's facts are no less valuable than today's.

Share knowledge


Discussions on your forum contain a wealth of information.


Assemble your content into an invaluable knowledge base for your subject matter.

Build your own


Leverage state-of-the-art software architecture.


Create rich integrations and add-on systems to your own specification.


Keep your users involved


                       Make it easy for your users to get notified with updates that are applicable to them.                         They'll receive alerts whenever someone replies to them, reacts to one of their posts, and more.                         Users can even have notifications pushed to their devices so they can see them without being on                         your site.                     


Discover new content


                       Make sure your users can see the latest updates on your forum with the dedicated "What's new"                         section or by browsing the news feed to see all of the latest happenings, beyond just the                         messages being posted.                     


More than just likes


                       Let your users react to posts with more than just a like. They could be laughing, surprised,                         upset, or more. Setup reactions for any sentiment you want, with a custom icon and color for                         each reaction. Let reactions contribute to a score to help you identify your most engaging users.                     


Control access your way


                       Use XenForo's powerful permission system to control who can access certain areas and features.                         Create a forum that only project members can access. Prevent a troublemaker from posting in                         a specific forum. XenForo can be setup to fit your needs.                     


Styled to fit your brand


                       XenForo's look and feel can be totally customized to fit your brand. Quickly change the colors                         and logo to make your site directly from the control panel, no code changes necessary. Want                         more control? All of the HTML and CSS can be customized.                     


Built to be extended


                       XenForo has been built from the ground up to be extended and customized. Our community has                         released over 1000 add-ons. Or if you want to build something yourself, you can use our REST API                         or build your custom functions directly into the XenForo framework, taking advantage of all of                         the systems that are built in.

Try a demo:- https://xenforo.com/demo/

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