Blood Bank App With Admin Panel & Material Design v3.3.1

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Blood Bank App with Admin Panel & Material Design    is an app in which Users are facilitated with    functionality of searching blood donors, blood requests, blood banks etc. 


Note : BE AWARE : This item required intermediate knowledge of server & android application compilation. If you don’t know what & how this item is working then please don’t buy it until you have someone with you who is technical enough to understand all this things. Though you can ask our support for installation service but this service costs you. Thanks for your appreciation and support. Love from AlmahirHub


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  • App Features summary
  • Search
    • Donors
    • Requests
    • Blood banks by all types of filter like… Nearby, a-z, z-a
  • Recent, Popular, Country, State, City, or Added by application user.
  •     Register Donors
  •     Request for Blood
  • View  Blood Banks
  •     Add & Edit Donors added by a mobile
  •     Add Reminder for blood donation (If added reminder donor will not be shown in donors list while his    last donation passes 3 months or more)
  •     Settings for notifications Also You can Send Notification to the users of the app    & Much more functionality…
  •     Just checkout the demo and you’ll get real experience of the application.

Android Side:

  • Home Screen
  • Add Blood Donor
  • View Blood Donors    
    • Call the donor
  • Add Blood Request
  • View Blood Requests
  • View Blood Banks    
    • Call
    • Locate
  • Edit/Delete Blood Requests added by User
  • Edit/Delete Blood Donors added by User
  • Add Blood Donation Reminder
  • Settings
  • One Signal Push Notification
  • Send notification through admin panel
  • On/Off Push Notification Option
  • App comply with GDPR
  • Manage Ad details from admin panel
  • Manage Notifications from Admin panel
  • All Device Combability
  • Easy Admin Panel with Latest Material Design
  • Android Studio Code

Admin Side:

  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Display Total Blood donors, blood requests, blood banks, cities etc.
  • Easily Manage Blood donors, blood requests, blood banks, cities.
  • Upload Unlimited Blood donors, blood requests, blood banks, cities.
  • Send Notification through admin panel
  • Json Service

What U Get:

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Full Php Code of Server Side.


Admin Panel: Click Here for demo

Pass :     admin

Demo Apk: Download New Blood Bank Demo Apk v3.1.0

 Note:  if you’re unable to download apk right click on link or on mobile long press on the link & select download link or save link as 

Please check beta version & if you find any bugs, contact Here with useful information.


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To Setup OneSignal Notification Please visit!

 OneSignal Documentation for Android 

Change Log

Version 3.3.0 [12-SEP-2023]

---- Application Side ----
[+] Fixed issues for API 34
[+] Performance Fix

<p>Version 3.1.0 [10-April-2021]</p>
---- Application Side ----
[+] Night Mode
[+] Performance Fix
[+] User based Multi language
---- Admin Panel Side ----
[+] Dashboard improvements, New Graphs & recent donors, blood requests & app users data
[+] Now you'll be able to import Donors from excel document
     all excel formats will be supported
[+] Notifications will be saved now, you can check history of notifications 
         & more....
<p>Version 3.0.1</p>
[+] Fixed wrong form loading in Countries 
[+] Fixed other minor bugs
[+] Fixed City not loading bug
<p>Version 3.0</p>
[+] Bugs fixing
[+] Admin panel Upgraded from Core PHP to Codeigniter Framework
[+] Notifications problem solved
[+] Sent Notifications are now saved (in future you'll be able to resend a notification in just one click)
[+] Regions problem is solved
<p>Version 2.1</p>
[+] Minor bugs fixes
[+] More Stable
<p>Version 2.0</p>
[+] Minor bugs will be fixed
[+] Better Performance
[+] Better search filters
 |-> Search Donors by city & blood group
 |-> Search Blood request by city & blood group
[+] Blood bank city
[+] Donation Reminder Improved
 |-> Donor will not be in donors list if he/she added reminder for last blood donation, if it's more than 3 months than he/she will be shown in the list
[+] Add Donor types
 |-> Free & Paid donors
[+] Donor Profile
[+] Donors on map (Pending for future updates)
[+] Exact Donor location (Pending for future updates)
[+] Donors Enable Disable
[+] Blood Request Notification (While added by the user)
[+] Donors in particular City (May be future update)
[+] Admin Panel side
 |-> Redesigning

<p>Version 1.2</p>

[+] Minor bugs fixed
[+] Better Performance</pre>

<p>Version 1.1</p>

[+] Firebase OTP / phone authentication
[+] Edit option for Donors and Blood Requests
 - The person added Donor or blood request can edit/delete the donor and blood request.
[+] Admob support
[+] Some minor bugs fixed

<p>Version 1.0</p>

Initial Release</pre>

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